Question: Does BookSweepers only service the East Coast?

Answer: No. Since Booksweepers is an Outsourcing firm, we can service any business, no matter where they are located, as long as they are reachable by an overnight courier service like FEDEX, DHL or UPS.

Question: In what industries does BookSweepers specialize?

Answer: All industries, with the exception of Medical Billing.

Question: Will BookSweepers pay my business bills on-line?

Answer: Until the banking industry has a few more safe guards, BookSweepers will only pay company bills via computer check that is signed by the owners or partners of the firm. We will also not transfer money (even if it is between accounts), or engage in other electronic activities inside your account.

Question: How big of a firm do I need to have before I can get professional bookkeeping?

Answer: Some people know that they want to outsource their bookkeeping from the inception of the company, and others prefer to do it themselves at first. There is no "right" or "wrong" answer to this. It more depends on what you can afford. BookSweepers now has different packages that are geared to SEBs (Small Emerging Business) and SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office) so that you have a choice.

Question: If I do decide to do it myself at first, how will I know when it is time to pass it off to a professional bookkeeper.

Answer: You will know. It will make sense. You will find, for example, that you spend 8 hours a week doing bookkeeping which is a job that could be billed out at XX, and that if you were out selling, you could make YY which is 5 or 6 times more than XX.

Question: What is the most common mistake entreprunuers make about their bookkeeping?

Answer: Assuming that anyone can do it right. You should choose your bookkeeper or bookkeeping firm with the same high regard as an accountant or lawyer. When you are handed reports do you get what's going on in your Company? If it is done right you should. It should balance, be clean and clear.

Question: Where is the actual work done?

Answer: All of the work on your books will be done out of the Manhattan, New York Office. We will not send your accounting information to India or China to get a better hourly rate no matter what the trend of our competition. We understand that your accounts are confidential. Our fees reflect a fair American rate. Beware of bookkeeping and accounting firms who claim to do your bookkeeping for pennies on the dollar.


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