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Because you are a business owner, you want to do more than just hand off a file to your accountant at year-end.....you want to use your financials as a tool. That is where BookSweepers comes in, to assist you in leading your business down the road of profit, growth and success by using a simple tool….a M.A.P!

Our mission is to help you Monitor, Analyze and Plan what steps to take to reach your financial goals through the correct use of your bookkeeping. With BookSweepers you get more "bang" out of your buck.


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How To Create A Winning
Bookkeeping System On Your Own!

To Create A Winning Bookkeeping
System on Your Own is designed for the start-up business owners who want to do own bookkeeping but need help to set it all up.

Learn how to set up a chart of accounts, so that your reporting works!  Learn how to set up a filling system like big businesses and more... You'll Get!

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Important Dates

  • March 15 - Corporations and S Corporations Tax Filing Due Date
  • February 28 - Information Returns due (1099 series)
  • April 15 - Personal Return Filing Due Date


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